The Family of William Littlewood and Jane Acheson

William and Jane Littlewood
William and Jane Littlewood
William Littlewood (1828-1911)
Jane Acheson (1836-1921)
Married: 10th October 1856
William John Littlewood (1856-19??)
David James Littlewood (1859-1929)
Acheson Littlewood (1862-1948)
Elizabeth Littlewood (1866-1867)
Elizabeth Jane Littlewood (1868-1961)
Mary Anne Littlewood (1871-1950)
Sarah Agnes Littlewood (1873-1956)
Albert Littlewood (1876-1950)
Robert Littlewood (1879-1970)

For those interested in the history of the Burns, Stanley and Noble families.