Introduction to the Noble Family

Catherine Ashmuir Bamford lived with my parents from their marriage until her death in the 1960s. My mother was employed by Mrs. Bamford’s husband Walter when she left school in 1938 and she lived with them in 30 Springfield Road, Warrenpoint. Following the death of Mr. Bamford in 1950, my parents married and initally lived with Mrs. Bamford in Springfield Road until 1953 when they all moved to 2 Newry Road, Warrenpoint.

Mrs Bamford’s maiden name was Noble, and as her family came from the Armagh area I often wondered if she was related to the Stanley family but I have only recently found a relationship. Mrs Bamford’s father and grandfather were both named Sinnamon Noble. Her grandfather Sinnamon married Dorothea Sinnamon in the 1830s but died in 1841 his wife married again to Benjamin Deane Wilson in 1847.  [See the Marriages of Dorothea Sinnamon]. Their daughter Catherine Jane Wilson married Henry Robinson Stanley and in this way the families were linked. The two families knew each other well, Mrs. Bamford’s mother and her sister Emily are listed as visitors with Caroline Matilda Stanley of Seaview, Warrenpoint in the 1901 census. Mrs. Bamford’s father Sinnamon Noble acted as Land Agent for John Stanley of the Pavilion, Armagh when he had severe medical problems in 1869 and could no longer manage his property.

The Nobles are descended from John Noble (1761-1825) who was a stalwart of the Methodist Church in Armagh. There is a memorial in the church in Abbey Street to him.

For those interested in the history of the Burns, Stanley and Noble families.